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I’ve been a freelance graphic designer and web developer since 2005. In the beginning I did a lot of tshirt design, but that quickly led to client work. Since then I’ve worked with small businesses, fashion companies, design agencies, authors, town leaders, bands, photographers, and artists. My goal is to exceed my clients’ expectations, creating intuitive and unique designs that are enjoyable to view and use.

For specific examples please see my portfolio.


Heather Alvis, Project Manager, Mindfly Studio (360-647-7470 ext #2, [email protected]) – Mindfly is a web design studio in Bellingham, WA. I’ve worked with them as a contractor on several projects. Heather is my primary contact at the studio.

Cameron Jennings (360.510.2517, [email protected]) – Cameron and I have worked on projects together for many years, mainly for local businesses in Bellingham and for fashion companies. In general I do front and back-end development and Cameron does the design.

Richard Francis (360.734.3103) – Richard is a retired professor from Western Washington University. We have worked together since 2008 on five book designs. Most of the books contain a significant amount of photography and illustration – it was my job to organize and then layout the imagery and text.

Chris Duren (509.654.7770, invisible-ink.com) – Chris is the owner of Invisible Ink, a design studio in Yakima. I work as a contractor for him.


Design and business classes at Spokane Falls CC, 2004-2006

Currently I’m taking online courses in computer science from Udacity.com.


I am a pro with Adobe software including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

In web development I have all but mastered HTML and CSS. I have a strong grasp of JavaScript and especially JS libraries like jQuery and Prototype. I know web standards and can build a responsive design when it’s called for.

On the back-end I’ve worked mainly with PHP and Python, but I also have some experience with Ruby. I’ve worked with many different platforms including WordPress, Drupal, ZenCart, Shopify, Django, and Ruby-on-Rails.

Activities and Interests

In my free time I like to play synth and program drums in a band with a couple of my friends. I enjoy reading and keeping up with the latest news in science and technology. Photography and graphics take up quite a bit of my time as well.